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Includes a half-dozen large berries and six chocolate cake pops dipped in milk, white, or dark chocolate.

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The fact is when Columbus very first discovered chocolate on the New Americas that it was being employed by the Aztec people in the form of sacred devout drink.You will take just a few steps to make and enjoy gourmet dessert.

The cakes consisting cream should be kept in the refrigerator and the fondant cakes in an air-conditioned environment.The secret lies in using only the finest quality ingredients and relying on their tried-and-true traditional recipes that have been carefully refined by skilled chocolatiers.Your custom design is etched in the dark Belgian chocolate center and surrounding milk Belgian chocolate.The 4 simple steps you need to know to temper chocolate perfectly every time.

Our chocolate is original and the perfect gift for any occasion.Bakers Service Unlimited is a premier source for wholesale bakery needs including bulk flour, sugar, chocolate and shortening.

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Every Chocolove bar is made with the highest quality ingredients, including pure Belgian Chocolate, according to traditional European processes.

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By Dr. Mercola. Of all the treats available, chocolate is one of the most craved foods in the world.

To ensure the purity of the chocolate and to prevent reliance on low-quality fat from outside sources, Belgian law mandates that a minimum of 35% pure cocoa must be used in production. The craft.Generally, the level of caffeine in chocolate is higher as the chocolate gets darker because dark chocolate contains more cocoa.The composition of Belgian chocolate has been regulated by law since 1894 when, in order to prevent adulteration of the chocolate with low-quality fats from other sources, a minimum level of 35 percent pure cocoa was imposed.Only Belgian chocolate perhaps matches our quality, richness and fermenting process.

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And now, your taste for purity can be satisfied at unprecedented levels.

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Rent a chocolate fountain for your event in 2012 with pure belgian chocolate dips and an operator Call07877026201.

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