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Getting back to your natural beauty is a beautiful thing and an interesting road to self discovery.

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Hair relaxer, otherwise known as hair straightener, is used on hair that is naturally curly or wavy in order to attain a straighter, sleeker look.

Why Women Are Transitioning From Relaxed to Natural Hair

Find out how to go from natural hair to relaxed hair and my experience on how to relax natural hair.Wash and Wear relaxer styles for Black hair and naturally curl hair from Jazma.

Straightening curly locks requires breaking down the chemical bonds in the hair shaft, and this can only be permanently achieved with chemicals.When i was asked to do a small post on her blog with regards to my natural hair journey I was quite excited.However, you should not expect a natural relaxer to completely straighten your hair.They say that it is more difficult to care for natural hair using only natural hair products.How To Transition To Natural Hair Over the course of the last few years, Black women choosing to wear their natural hair has gone from a rarity to a mainstream movement.

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Relaxing hair gives you six to eight weeks or so of beautifully straight and silky hair.

Some clients who have transitioned from relaxed to natural and are not completely satisfied with the outcome.In fact, though, when the hair shaft is straight, your scalp oils can go directly from root to tip, according to Cynthia Alvarez, Dove Hair curl expert.

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It reduces the curl by breaking down the hair strand and chemically altering the texture.About 30% of these are hair extension, 1% are hair conditioner.

This video deals with the option of either do the big chop or leave intact the relaxed hair.I am an african american female who has regularly had a relaxer since the age of 10.

Hair relaxer can provide you with silky, straight hair, but you may eventually want to return your hair to its natural state.However, the transition from relaxed hair into natural hair is tough - odd curly bits, split ends and endless breakage.Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair can be such a rewarding experience when you truly understand what to expect and how to prepare for the process.Having thick hair is a common desire among relaxed haired ladies.It is not a box relaxer, and it is not normally sold in stores to people who are not professionals.

Wait at least two weeks between your relaxer and color applications to prevent damage to.While there are a number of chemical relaxers of best brands available in the market, you can opt for a natural one.Rated by Essence magazine as one of the best salons in North America.A wide variety of relaxers for natural hair options are available to you, such as 100% polyester, plastic, and wooden.Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair when beginning your natural hair journey is a common experience.

Transitioning from relaxed to natural is not as hard as some would assume.Natural Hair, Relaxed Hair, Braids, Dreadlocks - Afro-Texture Styling and Hair Care Information.

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The inconvenience and expense of frequent hair appointments and concerns over the health impact of hair relaxers have paired with a resurgence of pride in natural hair to help those numbers fall.The preferred method by a good deal of women is to do what is known in the natural world as the BC or aka THE BIG CHOP.All Natural Hair Relaxer and Bodiphier Natural Hair Relaxer If you are looking for an all natural hair relaxer, one has been manufactured by Relaxed by Nature LTD.

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In order to go from relaxed to natural hair, you have two options: Transitioning or The Big Chop.These process the hair proteins, making the curly hair, less curly or straight.

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